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You before the boss look like a duck in a variety of Lotus

Workplace, you will encounter many different types of supervisors: Some personality moderate, cautious man; some bad temper, act rashly; and that everyone also has different habits. Different treatment of different boss get along, since you have his (her) hands to do things, of course, have to grasp the "tactical response Daquan."

The "workaholic" boss - Gan lost the wind under

Such supervisors often consider themselves the world's most capable person, combined with excess energy, enthusiastic work, and hope and his subordinates also (her) as to become "workaholics." Faced with this boss, the best solution is to beats continue to ask him, so he will always feel that you are under the wise leadership of his hard work and achievements, but also so he can be appreciated.

The face of overbearing boss - should have the courage

Usually this type of boss that constantly threaten to subordinates in order to enable them to instill obedience to do a good live.

On this boss, you must always let her feel your existence. Especially if you anticipate that she will be attacked verbally to you, you want well in advance retaliate wording. Of course, the more important thing is not to be intimidated.

The face of suspicious of the boss - a day to give him (her) a work report

All of these supervisors do not doubt your subordinates shirking work, so often directed at the office, "the police catch the thief" game. Encountered this kind of boss, the best way is a day (at least weekly) to her report, to tell her today you have to understand what was being done to dispel the suspicion of her, rest assured you are safe from her.

The face of indecision boss - to help him (her) make a determined effort

Most of these supervisors to seek more off less often have set a good decision, as long as others point modifications, you can let him change his mind again and again, Di Xiaren should continue to start over.

In fact, you feel as long as he is not demeaning to the premise, bold and discuss some of his decisions, to help him make a determined effort, and then try to get him to stick easier.

Face forgetful type boss - you can only like the "maid"

Some supervisors were very forgetful, often incoherent, often forgetful, and sometimes talked about the previous day, things obviously could be 23 days, he said he simply did not have said. The best way is when he describes an event or show some kind of point of view, you ask him a few times, but also put forward their different views, in order to deliberately cause the discussion to deepen the impression of boss, finally, can also boss's statements were summarized, with brief language to repeat to him, let him keep in mind.

The face of fuzzy-type boss - "Inquisitor asked in the end"

Some vague and general supervisor work arrangement, there is no specific requirements, can be understood as such, but also to understand that way; others before and after each conflict, subordinate simply can not operate and implement, once you do, he will blame that his request is not the case, you are mistaken. On this superior, in accepting the task, we must ask their specific requirements in detail, especially in the completion time, the personnel, quality standards, so as clearly as possible the amount of money more, and 11 record, let supervisors approved before to the hands.

Some ask for instructions of a supervisor in your work needs to be specific targets or clear answer, he was "hum ha ha," the attitude is not clear, or just say "know", "I'll leave it" and so on. So, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future, do you repeatedly explain subordinate decree, and to find ways to induce a clear answer, when necessary, the method can be used to provide language prerequisite, such as: "Do you mean ... ..." continued access to their superiors, or the judge with a speculative answer to their superiors, such as: "Do you mean not 脳脳脳?" when the boss has a more definite answer after repeated several times to be strengthened immediately, and will further extend "If so, it would be ... ...."

The face of ignorance Boss - The can act

Some supervisors clearly understand their business, outsiders, not good, but equipped to understand, expert installation, always want to show that he, not the horizontal interpolation hand, is at whim. Faced with this boss, can be treated separately. So important, with issues of principle, subordinate directly to clarify the point of view, or argue, or strongly opposed, can not accommodate even a positive recommendation is invalid, we must find ways to weave, or else it's like to take the boss and their properties life jokes; if the problem is unrelated to the general overall situation, subordinates can be flexible to deal with, try to avoid facing the intensification of conflicts and contradictions.

Face inward-looking boss - "secret type" of communication

Had psychologists of that inward-looking than outward-looking people more often use e-mail. So, if your boss is a more introverted person, as opposed to telephone interviews or listen to it, he might even like to read E-mail, and this method of communication with their. If you want to see the ordinary black and white messages are used to point the owner of surprise, then, would spend more time learning new ideas produced abundant color animation E-mail it. Of course, do not do personal contact during working hours to avoid suffering of others tongue.

Then prompt you to benefit from a simple way: When you talk with the boss when an important matter, do not use E-mail, and through interviews to show your sincerity and determination, lunch is a good way, not only no interference by other colleagues, and supervisors can make the most direct and effective communication.

The face of provocation right and wrong, to snitch boss's boss - with evil evil system

One class of supervisors, special love of discord among the non-affiliated, creating contradictions, but also love to play in front of the boss subordinate small report, and made the tension between employees, but also quick to suffer with the boss. Situation like this, we must first words to open between employees, determine their superiors in the monkey business, think about how to deal with him. As the saying goes: there can not harm anyone, defenses can not do without, this bad "villain-type" boss, must not be due to the sensibilities and the blind patient, we must identify the time, face exposed, and then take the initiative go to your boss to explain the situation, let the boss know the truth. To believe, the owners are responsible for their own business, when he learned that he is so competent men who, from the enterprise's survival and development, has generally will consider taking appropriate measures.

Hi the face of mediocre incompetence but to push the boss doors to success - hard and soft even manifested themselves,

If your boss mediocrity, no ideas, you need not care about it is entirely possible to a relative tolerance of the heart, "is better than gold or silver," you! Whenever difficult work, shop and go on to subordinates, only that incompetent boss, but not necessarily a bad thing in terms of subordinates, or at least temper more opportunities to reveal more opportunities for talent. "People under the eaves, forced to bow their heads," one is to learn the basic to get along with, if you do not want to contradict themselves, and this boss better not to make life difficult.

If the boss likes to cook someone a "food" all stuffed into their own bowl, unwilling to separate the "share", the wrong has to subordinate commitment, indicated he was self-serving, humble personality. Along with this boss, you need discipline and flexibility, not only can not submissive, and do not blindly oppose them. Properly before the boss to maintain my interest is indisputable and let the boss know that there is life principles, patience is limited.

"Offending" boss how to do?

No matter who is in the "offending" boss from every point of view is not a good thing, as long as you thought out of or resignation, it is not a deadlock, the following measures could be some leeway for you:

1, Do not look to others to understand

Whatever the reason for "offending" boss, do not complain to my colleagues. If the error is boss, my colleagues in this bad position, do not want to intervene in disputes between you and the boss, how can comfort you? If it is your own making, they do not have the heart to say you are not, to you doubly, even ill-intentioned people will fed back after embellishment boss there, to deepen the rift between you and the boss.

So the best way to clean their own geographic crux of the problem clearly, to find appropriate solutions to their relationship with the boss again to have a good start.

2, to find a suitable opportunity to communicate

Eliminate the gap between you and the boss, the best way is to take the initiative to extend its "olive branch." If you are wrong, we must have the courage to admit their mistakes and find the crux of the differences, explain to the boss that he would use this as a warning, hope to continue to receive superior care; if the reason is the boss, in a more relaxed time to tactfully approach to communicate their ideas with each other about, harmless to the request boss generous, both to achieve the purpose of communication, but also provided him with a decent grace.

3, using some of the casual to resolve

May wish some of the casual, such as dinners, recreational activities, say hello to the boss, toast, that you respect him, supervisors from the Council in mind, remove or dilute your dissatisfaction.

In fact, maintain a good attitude, do not idealize the supervisor's most important - he (she) is also an ordinary person like you, also bear the pressures, many from his position on the consideration of the natural between you and the boss will create a harmonious atmosphere, healthy glow, light up the glorious cause!


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2007, the Chinese simulation years

As time machine and lead us into 2007, when a familiar and unfamiliar words frequently appear in our lives around. Looking back through 2007, it has been a high exit rate. Both the manufacturing and information meeting, or such as aerospace, marine, automotive and other industry information session, or CAE industry conference in China, can see its shadow, even in many cases it is the audience's Focus! It is the simulation.

Well-known information technology experts Symplectic fellow once said: CAE software simulation analysis capabilities for innovative design is not only an important business tool, but also has become the physical experiments and theoretical studies and as important as research tools, CAE technology for the manufacture in China industry power to a manufacturing power shift of great significance. Building an innovative country with the acceleration of innovation projects and product demand, CAE simulation technology market is constantly expanding, particularly in the development of CAE simulation technology fit the country's future development strategy, its prospects for development is immeasurable. Today, CAE simulation technology has been the industry is an ongoing pursuit of technology.

Perhaps China can be called the 2007 simulation years. This year, in the land of China, there were too many stories on the simulation, including the most representative three: first, the first investment in the U.S. AIG group CAE simulation industry, unprecedented; followed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to send to the State Council a "bearing on the development of national competitiveness and national security strategy, the recommendations of CAE software industry," the report proposed the development of CAE simulation technology and the importance of the industry; again, independent research and development of China's national product PERA CAE announced the release of a era - the human entered the co-simulation time!

Substantial investment, lifted CAE industry situation

In 2007, the United States, AIG Group, a huge 15 million dollar investment for the first time to invest in CAE industry, ever. AIG Group's direct investment in China more than ten years of history, and other well-known in China, or the relatively high visibility comparison, private equity funds, AIG appeared in many low-key. Meanwhile, AIG investment projects have a strict standard to avoid investment risks, she used to segment the market from an industry starting to look for in a leading investment objectives. In particular, this investment is not very familiar with CAE for the public sector, to the security world high-tech enterprises such as investment in the Asia Pacific, AIG has done a very in-depth in previous studies and actual research.

With the numerical simulation, computational methods, computer speed the progress of the field, the development of CAE software industry has become a strategic goal of engineering science. In the United States, CAE system is known as the "priority of service in the national interests of key technologies." The rapid development of China's manufacturing technology with the purchase of the CAE huge gap between the status quo, shows that China's huge market potential CAE industry. Although the CAE industry is still new to the industry by the public, but its growth is very stable and the risk of investment is relatively small, with very good prospects, in such a robust industry, the advantages of long-term accumulation is difficult to adapt, the industry first One tends to move further and further strengthening.

It is worth mentioning that the development of CAE industry also fit China's long-term development strategy. National "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" clearly states: the manufacturing sector to play an important support for economic development role. Obviously, CAE in manufacturing and the national economy wide application in various fields, making it enhance independent innovation capability and international competitiveness of key technologies, China is building enterprises as the mainstay of the national innovation system is of great strategic significance.

Because of the above environment, contains a huge appreciation potential of the Chinese CAE industry finally won the favor of AIG Global Investment, lifted the CAE industry situation in China, boosting China's CAE industry.

Independent research and development, to break the monopoly of foreign technology

CAE technology in the manufacturing industry has almost become essential for all innovative business techniques, but also the future work in these areas, the technical staff must master basic skills. Using CAE technology, enterprises can significantly reduce design and engineering R & D institutions cycle, reduce design and development costs and enhance the development of product quality, timely introduction of new generation products to help companies develop more support or business development of new products. At the same time, CAE technology is industrial equipment, digital innovation and product design, manufacturing and quality assurance of core technology is the use of information technology to upgrade the equipment manufacturing industry is very important aspect is the core competitiveness key to sustainable growth. Practice in developed countries shows that a country should have developed the defense, vehicles, power, energy, machinery, electrical, electronic, equipment and other high-tech, there must have independent intellectual property rights of various types of major industrial equipment, production capacity, we must CAE software with independent copyright.

At present, the foundry and the imitation of "Made in China" to occupy a large proportion of "Made in China" environment in the emerging, but to a "椴ら奔璺抽緳闂? leap, we need to go the way business is also very long, this is not a quick fix to a breakthrough. No independent innovation, not to mention R & D intensive application of information technology, many information technology tools and applications for the purchase of "face work." The future, the Chinese enterprises to go beyond the "Made in China" to "create" the Goukan will be the key to enterprise development, in the absence of independent R & D companies can only trampled upon, and those holding a voice core technology companies are passes wind in its sails, will become the future industry leaders.

However, the current structure of China's CAE software industry has not yet established, although some independent CAE software has been applied in specific areas, but still a chance of "free" state, far from industrial scale, a number of high-end CAE software modules and it has always been foreign embargo. For example, in aerospace, there are some CAE software, we have not yet bought the source, but only wanted to buy over the software installed on our servers, and machines with the sale, only foreign companies that do not agree, and even software agents also do No, they want to monopolize the CAE industry. Faced with this situation, we should stop buying foreign core technology have any illusions. For "independent innovation ability to achieve leapfrog development" so that manufacturing in China a Major power shift from the manufacturing, we must improve the autonomy of CAE software development capability.

For the CAE industry development in China, Chinese Academy of Sciences presented to the State Department a "bearing on the development of national competitiveness and national security strategy, the recommendations of CAE software industry," the report pointed out that great development of independent intellectual property rights of domestic CAE Software and industry, to break the monopoly of foreign technology. This special significance for the CAE industry, becoming the first investment following the AIG Group CAE industry, the 2007 simulation years, China's another major event.

Despite the many difficulties faced by CAE independent research and development, but there are still a number of domestic research team dedicated to CAE technology and software development company. One, it is worth mentioning that the birth of collaborative simulation platform PERA, sounded the Chinese national self-developed CAE product horn, its R & D enterprise security the world has immediately become the Asia-Pacific CAE rough road independently developed a new force.

National product, co-simulation time off

Simulation platform PERA.Simulaiton issued a declaration of co-simulation era. In this age, the original discrete CAE technology, data, processes and knowledge can be combined to form a synergy to complete the previously impossible task to support the optimization of complex products and innovation. In fact, the release of co-simulation platform is also China's national enterprises courage of mature foreign CAE CAE results of technical challenges, reflects the spirit of China's national industry Sword, dared to question, dare to challenge, dare to innovate. This is completely independent intellectual property rights, living in the world's leading platform for products, not only filled a gap in this area, more Chinese manufacturers to provide independent research and development and innovation of a "weapon."

Co-simulation platform PERA.Simulaiton is a web-based and service scalability multi-application system. Multi-distributed system, the system resources are unified management and use, the user can transparently use the portal system resources. Simulation platform to encapsulate the knowledge, the experience of the human brain extract, the tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge package to the platform on a button you can start a lot of knowledge. In this way, simulation technology, lowering the threshold so inscrutable to become the low end of high technology products, so that only the experts had used only the results for corporate technology and access to more sectors can be introduced into the enterprise product simulation the entire period of the life cycle, so that as many as possible to benefit from the simulation results. Bu Jin conceptual design, detailed design, simulation verification and process planning simulation technology can be used, and even product development and downstream sectors may therefore also benefit from such as testing department, marketing department and after-sales service department.

Simulation platform in China rose, bound to the world. According to well-known American analyst, analysts on the future of large-scale enterprise survey and analysis of procurement action results in the next two to three years, collaborative applications will become a new, high-growth areas, and this area will eventually More than ERP, CRM and other areas of concern to everyone present, the most one of the areas with development potential. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the introduction of co-simulation platform for the CAE industry, the healthy development of China and China's national self-CAE technology in support Chinese enterprises to create change in China will bring a profound impact.

The rapid development of engineering science and technology, engineering and product innovation demand for the development of CAE provides a powerful driving force; the same time the rapid development of information technology, but also for the CAE technology to enhance the technical basis. Particularly in the national long-term goal of technology development needs, more CAE has brought unprecedented opportunities for development. In such a background, the wave in the limelight all Chinese CAE, we can do a lot, we should do too much.

In the simulation end of the year, wrote this article, to initiate and encourage one another. Current CAE software and industry in China, although the rapid development ushered in the spring, are still far from an innovation-oriented country Jianshe request is still some distance from the goal, how we Jiang CAE simulation of this card Zhenzheng big, Shi Qi effects of radiation Quan Guo, worth Each deep love and who dedicate their Chinese CAE seriously consider and work to put into action!

2008 is the world's Olympic year, will also be on the Chinese people proud. We firmly believe that 2008 will be the same Chinese manufacturing, "simulation", with the Chinese nation, "Simulation of years"!



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Hot New exhibitors carrying Radio City 2008CCBN

CCBN 2008 China Cable Broadcasting Network Exhibition will be held March 21 in Beijing. Beijing City hotspot billing company as a leader in the field of domestic broadband to bring their own character development, production, with independent intellectual property rights "Dr.COM integrated business rules engine" to attend the event. It is learned that the city hot spots as the 9 th consecutive participation by the Chinese State Administration of Radio Conference hosted by CCBN.

2008CCBN by the Academy of Broadcasting Science, Radio Television Information Network Center 骞挎挱鐢佃鍘?various provinces to carry the BCA. In response to the figures show the Olympics, ad hoc Olympic zone, the number of exhibitors and participants will reach the peak of prehistoric. Cheng Shi hotspot billing in the industry as outstanding vendors, the exhibition, city hotspots will in this professional Xing, world-class event in the Yijing with participants showing more than 4,000 successful consumer's "Dr.COM broadband operators Jifeizhicheng Xitong ", and the latest next-generation billing core module, to support broadband access and IPTV digital television complex custom integrated package combinations Dr.COM business rules engine.

Up to now, China's broadband billing in the field, had 80% of the users in the use of city hot spots to provide products and services. The company will intensify, according to market demand, and continuously upgrading products to meet market changes, to meet new and old customers demand the latest features.

During the exhibition, there will be from Guangzhou and Beijing's main research and development, technology and sales management team in person, for the majority of users detailed, more in-depth understanding of customer's actual needs and difficulties, the situation according to the customer's network for the user "quantity custom-built "more effective and efficient operation of broadband billing solutions. Then, welcome to the new and old customers to visit and guide.


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National Copyright Administration Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of inspection Hao Chen CAD

- Copyright Fair Hao Chen CAD subject of much positive

"The Second China International Copyright Expo" on October 24, 2009 -27 days at the Beijing Olympic Center District, Convention Center grand opening. As the only national copyright professional event, the exposition has been the national levels of government support and international copyright industry's unprecedented attention from around the world invited friends to come to the venue of copyright industry, in order to accelerate China's copyright industry the process of marketization and international copyright industries to create a new win-win cooperation opportunities.

The exhibition highlights the exchange of copyright industries, the important role of trade links, actively build international copyright trade platform to further promote the China International Copyright Expo normal development, making with Chinese characteristics and international influence of perennial exchange of copyright industries, trade and the results show event.

Hao Chen, Suzhou software with the Copyright Office to form a powerful group team debut copyright fair. In recent years, Suzhou City, attaches great importance to the copyright work, encourage enterprise creation and use of copyright, Suzhou characteristics of prosperity and development of copyright industries to create a good environment. The collection of the Copyright Office in Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou, creative enterprises, from software, network, embroidery crafts, cartoon animation and other intellectual property rights of enterprises in different fields to participate in the exhibition, demonstrating in recent years, Suzhou enterprises for self-knowledge and national advocate property rights policy of the forward and clear image of creative enterprises in Suzhou in Suzhou gardens with unique and refined, elegant, classic style combined, showing the unique charm of Suzhou, the site attracted many visitors.

The picture shows the Deputy Director of Press and Publication Administration, the National Copyright Administration Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of guidance to Hao Chen Booth

Opening day, Deputy Director of Press and Publication Administration, the National Copyright Administration Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of Ho Chen booth to guide the work, he learned that Hao Chen software not only has the independent intellectual property rights of CAD platforms, and seamlessly with foreign software docking, and the success of the international market, as the Suzhou Industrial Park to promote the software legalization efforts of innovative entrepreneurs, Yan pleased that Deputy Secretary: "domestic software enterprises have tremendous market potential, the Government will continue to increase their investment in copyrighted software, so that legitimate software is to promote wider use, to encourage more SMEs to innovation and R & D, will be government investment, implement business benefit. "leadership Hao Chen CAD software has been licensed for the implementation of affirmed the efforts and encouraged continued walking Hao Chen software the road to promote genuine software to enhance information management for more enterprise level. Hao Chen in that software in the financial tsunami, the first quarter of this year sales growth of 30% compared to last year's good performance, the Deputy Director Yan Hao Chen hopes to continue to take the more professional software road.

National Copyright Administration Wang Ziqiang to copyright Secretary of Suzhou stands, the copyright for the cause of Suzhou made constructive comments about the issue of copyrighted software, the software king of the Secretary to Executive Vice President Liang Haixia Chen Hao expressed their own in the domestic software expectations, he said: "The Government will continue to support the work of copyrighted software, for software vendors provide an effective guarantee, while you work to be done is to allow more users to the use of domestic software, only software is fully utilized, can be more fast acceleration of the software industry development. "

National Copyright Administration Wang Ziqiang to copyright, Suzhou booth Secretary

Hao Chen, Suzhou Industrial Park as an important software information of enterprises, management has realized through the joint-stock reform, always walk in the forefront of intellectual property rights. As in recent years, the Chinese Government to encourage innovation, protect intellectual property rights referred to an unprecedented height, and a lot of effective work, the development of China's national software provides a good environment, Hao Chen who is such a good opportunity to seize to new ideas and thinking, courageous stand in the forefront of innovation. Hao Chen CAD in the next version of software will promote the idea of a firm go for the nation to make more contributions to the software business.

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Terminal manager in 1234 to enhance law

Terminal manager's ability will determine the ability of sales terminals, terminal sales ability will determine the ability of corporate sales, corporate sales ability will determine the development capacity of enterprises. In the course of the cycle, terminal sales ability is the key to development and infrastructure, so we should attach great importance to the terminal manager for enterprise development.

The ability to upgrade the terminal manager, needs to do to ensure a system system, in terms of management level, team level, or the implementation level, these are indispensable, and only from the system manager on the enhanced ability to end the sale of stores System capacity can be improved. Nature of the work under the terminal manager and management features, we enhance the ability of the manager's point of view the ability to grow the manager is divided into four levels, where the manager called the terminal capacity to improve the 1234 law.

Create a system: Stores Management System

Be two upgrade: sales performance improvement, capacity building team

Achieved in three ways: professional quality, system capacity, and effective method

Create four powerful: influence, inspiration, cohesion, affinity

1, to create a system

To Panmunjom as the smallest terminal unit sales, "small but complete." To manage all aspects of Panmunjom, are all reflected the floor as the forming of the elements of business management, store management needs from the people, finance, property management and various practical point of view, from personnel management, store management, commodity management, financial management, crisis management, team management, planning management, training management, customer management and other aspects of management. Only then can store management to achieve a smooth operation.

Management system established in Panmunjom from the actual conditions of store management, store management, according to the core work of decomposition, clearly Panmunjom management functions of the core not only what is essential store management, and then According to the core functions of the decomposition of functions, not only what is necessary to perform the work, then determine what kind of work to do each job to meet the needs of the core functions and division of labor through specific positions to ensure the realization of the core functions. Finally, a clear operational procedures to ensure the operation of the core functions of the steady implementation.

Consistent growth performance to be able to train more outstanding enterprise sales management. Team's ability to raise is that each sales team to enhance staff capacity in the integrated embodiment, only each person's ability to be raised, the team's ability to be able to get the system upgrade.

Good basis for management purposes is to enhance sales performance, sales performance through enhanced ability to lead the team improve. Manager to keep in mind: We are not a person in combat, can not allow themselves to be war hero, the other people are martyrs. To become a hero of the team, not a good person.

3, three ways to achieve

"Professional quality, product knowledge, selling skills," These three elements are essential for salespeople to achieve sales of key elements, regardless of which one is missing, sales are not perfect. Therefore, we must make efforts in these three areas.

To enhance the comprehensive ability of Panmunjom manager from three aspects need to be able to steadily realize, first of all from the professional quality of sales staff, sales staff should have good product knowledge and excellent sales skills, to Panmunjom, the manager can be in terms of manpower resource management point of view that inspires the team's fighting, and a good team unity and cohesion of each officer, to work together to achieve sales targets.

To Panmunjom management system to ensure steady operation of the key store, only to establish a line with actual market conditions and steady operation of the system to be able to guarantee the stable development of enterprises. Effective management is a manager in Panmunjom management practice in solving the various problems encountered by the guarantee, including the team's management skills and customer selling skills. Only way to guarantee that each issue effectively in place have been the perfect solution.

4, to create four powerful

Panmunjom as a store manager management to the highest office, his "influence, attraction, cohesion, affinity," will directly affect the combat effectiveness of the team store, has a wealth of management experience and the courage to practice the ability to be able to set a good influence. Led the team to grow together with the ability to be able to appeal with the team and to concentrate on each team member to achieve team cohesion, and has a good affinity to ensure good team working environment to ensure the sound development of the corporate culture. To achieve these objectives, as the store manager must have good communication skills and habits, and only persistent work in the correct way to be able to ensure the goals. Store management is a gradual work, only by constantly refining the summary and can work in a unique way to form before we can truly reflect the manager of an exemplary role. According to the daily management of the manager, we need to mature a good operation management theory, to ensure that work objectives.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chang: The Heart of Love


Tortuous dream

Chang was born in Nanjing in 1948.鍏堝悗鍦ㄥ彴婀惧湴鍖恒?缇庡浗鑾峰緱宸ョ▼纭曞+瀛︿綅锛屽悗浠昏亴浜庡痉宸炰华鍣ㄣ? 20 years for the United States, Japan, Singapore, Italy and China Taiwan to create and manage a 10 IC factory.

But in the past 20 years, but by the semiconductor industry in mainland China with the world in 1960, slipped to 2000, a huge gap of 20 years. He said that in 2000, compared to the mainstream technology in China and abroad, "almost five times worse."

In 1997, Chang asked for early retirement with Texas Instruments, and finally approved.褰撳勾锛屼粬渚垮弬涓庝簡涓浗澶ч檰鍗婂浣撴柊鏃舵湡绗竴涓噸澶ч」鐩?鈥?08宸ョ▼(鍗虫棤閿″崕鏅朵笂鍗庡伐绋?銆?br />
But soon, Chang will face his policy of blockade has been used to limit. "We came for three months, allowed Lee Teng-hui announced that Taiwan's high-tech business investment." He said, in February 1998 a night, he received a phone call to him to go back, or will be punished, then to withdraw his resignation, but left a team to follow up the project until May.

But Chang home business dreams and never give up the mission. In 2000, China's semiconductor industry, on the 18th is released, the year China joined the WTO, Chang started quickly with some counterparts in mainland China investment study.寮犳睗浜渶缁堥?瀹氫笂娴枫? Year in February, Chang established the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation.

Over the past 6 years alone, SMIC has developed into the world's third largest semiconductor foundry.闄や笂娴峰锛屽畠杩樺湪鍖椾含銆佹垚閮姐?姝︽眽瑙勫垝鍒堕?甯冨眬锛岃?涓斿凡缁忔垚涓轰腑鍥?2鑻卞宸ュ巶(3搴?鐨勪唬琛ㄤ紒涓氥?

Sincere patriotism

Standard Mandarin, the Chinese native complex deep, 58-year-old Chang is difficult to demonstrate in a short time gives a complex overseas experience and cultural background.

"My mother became a lifelong teacher, she has been taught to 70-year-old. She is inculcated from childhood to our traditional Chinese culture." Chang said he then made the Chinese people often feel "very tragic, very poor" because "everywhere bullied by others. " "But I think and very good news, I became Chinese, and this taught me a lot to the mother."

Chang has 34 years of U.S. experience, he learned the "Bible" in the heart of love, support him to continue to expand its responsibilities in the wider field of vision.

When the investment in the mainland's decision, many industry expressed doubt that he was unmoved. Because of the rapid growth of SMIC, and weakens the influence of Taiwan's semiconductor industry, therefore, Taiwan has continued to impose sanctions on Chang individual, including the freezing of personal property. And Zhang has not surrender, it is to make a decision to give up Taiwan's household registration.

"We have our own home, can not forget you, which includes corporate, society, nation and our entire nation." Chang said he is the kind of hate the lack of patriotic love of the heart, he founded in reason core, is to assume a strong sense of mission to enhance the impact of China's semiconductor industry, the future should become a model for the semiconductor industry.

Currently, Chang is his personal belief in the love extended to commercial operations: big ideas to the business, environmental maintenance, personnel training, life, parks, small to staff their children's education, marriage and family.


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