Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chang: The Heart of Love


Tortuous dream

Chang was born in Nanjing in 1948.鍏堝悗鍦ㄥ彴婀惧湴鍖恒?缇庡浗鑾峰緱宸ョ▼纭曞+瀛︿綅锛屽悗浠昏亴浜庡痉宸炰华鍣ㄣ? 20 years for the United States, Japan, Singapore, Italy and China Taiwan to create and manage a 10 IC factory.

But in the past 20 years, but by the semiconductor industry in mainland China with the world in 1960, slipped to 2000, a huge gap of 20 years. He said that in 2000, compared to the mainstream technology in China and abroad, "almost five times worse."

In 1997, Chang asked for early retirement with Texas Instruments, and finally approved.褰撳勾锛屼粬渚垮弬涓庝簡涓浗澶ч檰鍗婂浣撴柊鏃舵湡绗竴涓噸澶ч」鐩?鈥?08宸ョ▼(鍗虫棤閿″崕鏅朵笂鍗庡伐绋?銆?br />
But soon, Chang will face his policy of blockade has been used to limit. "We came for three months, allowed Lee Teng-hui announced that Taiwan's high-tech business investment." He said, in February 1998 a night, he received a phone call to him to go back, or will be punished, then to withdraw his resignation, but left a team to follow up the project until May.

But Chang home business dreams and never give up the mission. In 2000, China's semiconductor industry, on the 18th is released, the year China joined the WTO, Chang started quickly with some counterparts in mainland China investment study.寮犳睗浜渶缁堥?瀹氫笂娴枫? Year in February, Chang established the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation.

Over the past 6 years alone, SMIC has developed into the world's third largest semiconductor foundry.闄や笂娴峰锛屽畠杩樺湪鍖椾含銆佹垚閮姐?姝︽眽瑙勫垝鍒堕?甯冨眬锛岃?涓斿凡缁忔垚涓轰腑鍥?2鑻卞宸ュ巶(3搴?鐨勪唬琛ㄤ紒涓氥?

Sincere patriotism

Standard Mandarin, the Chinese native complex deep, 58-year-old Chang is difficult to demonstrate in a short time gives a complex overseas experience and cultural background.

"My mother became a lifelong teacher, she has been taught to 70-year-old. She is inculcated from childhood to our traditional Chinese culture." Chang said he then made the Chinese people often feel "very tragic, very poor" because "everywhere bullied by others. " "But I think and very good news, I became Chinese, and this taught me a lot to the mother."

Chang has 34 years of U.S. experience, he learned the "Bible" in the heart of love, support him to continue to expand its responsibilities in the wider field of vision.

When the investment in the mainland's decision, many industry expressed doubt that he was unmoved. Because of the rapid growth of SMIC, and weakens the influence of Taiwan's semiconductor industry, therefore, Taiwan has continued to impose sanctions on Chang individual, including the freezing of personal property. And Zhang has not surrender, it is to make a decision to give up Taiwan's household registration.

"We have our own home, can not forget you, which includes corporate, society, nation and our entire nation." Chang said he is the kind of hate the lack of patriotic love of the heart, he founded in reason core, is to assume a strong sense of mission to enhance the impact of China's semiconductor industry, the future should become a model for the semiconductor industry.

Currently, Chang is his personal belief in the love extended to commercial operations: big ideas to the business, environmental maintenance, personnel training, life, parks, small to staff their children's education, marriage and family.


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